About Us

Can’t access 2-1-1? Call our toll-free number, (844) 287-7400

Mountain Valley 211 provides information on resources serving Merced and Mariposa County to everyone who needs it. By dialing 2-1-1 on your phone (or 844-287-7400), you will be able to speak to a call specialist who will provide you with referrals to resources relating to health and human services. We are also available via our website; by click on which county you are seeking information in, you will be able to access all the information available to our specialists. We are completely free, confidential, 24/7/365, and are able to help in over 150 different languages.

As an example, you can find information:

  • Food pantries, free meals, and nutrition programs
  • Homeless shelters, housing assistance, and home loan programs
  • Emergency information and disaster relief
  • Employment and education opportunities
  • Veteran services
  • Health care, vaccination and health epidemic information
  • Substance abuse education and rehabilitation programs
  • Re-entry help for ex-offenders
  • Support groups for individuals with mental illnesses or special needs
  • A safe, confidential path out of physical and/or emotional domestic abuse

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