Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

The mission of Mountain Valley’s 211 Resource Department is to ensure our information remains consistent, organized, and up-to-date. We collect and classify our work based on the needs of our population and users. Inclusion in the database provides a referral for those calling to locations that are near their area and provide the services they are asking information for. If you would like to be considered for inclusion, please review our criteria listed below and fill out our Request for Inclusion forms.

To be added into our list, please email

I. Geographic Criteria

An agency must be located within and/or provide service to the residents of Merced and/or Mariposa County; or be located within border communities; or be associated with contracted services within other states.

II. Stability Criteria

Agencies must be able to demonstrate stability by providing all of the following:

A reliable contact person within the organization, paid or volunteer, who is regularly available to communicate with Mountain Valley 211 staff

An address, phone, email, and/or website which clients can reliably access within posted hours of operation

Adherence to any applicable licenses or accreditation requirements where needed

III. Agency Criteria

Agencies appropriate for inclusion into the Mountain Valley 211 database include:

Non-profit organizations providing a health or human service

Municipal, county, state, and federal government agencies

Member-based organizations offering a health or human service not confined to their own membership

Hospitals and clinics

Information and referral agencies

 Clubs and membership organizations 

For-profit businesses offering a free or low-cost service; and/or a unique and accessible service not otherwise available from the non-profit sector; and/or a service that is subsidized by a government or non-profit agency

❖ Some major agencies that offer collaborative efforts with other agencies based on health and human services may be added on a case by case basis.

Agencies NOT appropriate for inclusion in the Mountain Valley 211 database include:

Private practitioners and individuals of the sort

Agencies which misrepresent their services or organizational stability in any way

Agencies denying services on the basis of race, color, religion, sexual preference, nationality, or creed

Agencies who fail to provide updates upon request

NOTE: Community-based organizations without a 501(c)3 tax-exempt designation will be reviewed on a case by case basis prior to inclusion in the referral database.

IV. Service/Program Criteria

Services and criteria appropriate for inclusion into the 211 Mountain Valley database include:

Any service that provides and/or helps individuals within the community that falls into the line of health and human services

Classes or training programs that are consistently provided throughout the year that are provided by health and human service agency’s (example: CPR classes)

Agencies that provide comprehensive or specialized information and referral services

Seasonal or temporary services (including annual events) will be included and maintained

Services and programs NOT appropriate for inclusion include:

Individual Supervised Visitation Monitors who are not providing service as part of an organized agency or program

Illegal services

Services that are not entry-level for the general public

V. Additional Information

If you believe that your agency and programs/services do not fit into our inclusion standards and wish to discuss, please email

Inclusion does not imply endorsement of the organization of its programs and services; omission does not mean that 211 does not approve of the entities mission and values.


Last Reviewed: January 2016

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